Sunday, 19 October 2014

London Sketchbook Scavenger Hunt #BigDraw

Last night I joined a group of people taking part in the London Sketchbook Scavenger Hunt, a Big Draw event organised by Jenny and June from the StoryHands Illustration collective.

The theme for this year's Big Draw is "It's Our World" and Jenny and June interpreted this theme as a call to notice and appreciate what we see around us in the city, and in particular the city of London. Once everyone had arrived and been issued with their unique hand-made and responsibly sourced sketchbook (made from donated materials at the Children's Scrap Project charity) we set off...

The walk took in various locations around the city, some of which were familiar and others that I hadn't been to before. At each location we were given a list of things to draw, both from observation and imagination and a set amount of time in which to draw as many of the items as we could (usually between 10–15 minutes).

Image courtesy of StoryHands Collective

Jenny and June were great hosts and provided a bit of background information about the area at each stop before assigning us our drawing challenges. In keeping with the unknown nature of the evening, I'm not going to specifically mention where we went, and have removed the names from my photos below...

The evening was a lot of fun, and I found it good to only have a limited time to draw at each location, as it made me more instinctive with my drawing, working quickly to capture the essence of what I was seeing. And that quick drawing was taken to the extreme at the end of the night, after everyone had added up their scores for the evening, there was a Draw Off where we had to draw as many identifiable London Landmarks as we could in 60 Seconds...

I even ended up with a prize at the end!

Jenny and June will be running the event again on the 1 November and there's a Facebook Event page here: I'd definitely recommend it!

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