Monday, 8 July 2013

Happy Birthday x3

I like drawing birthday cards for my friends. I also like video games. So when I get to draw birthday cards for friends who like video games, everybody wins! And towards the end of last month I was able to do three video game-related birthday cards in the same week! *JOY*

Colette loves Nintendo and also Jurassic Park, so I drew a picture of her (in a Jurassic Park raincoat) riding a T-Rex through Super Mario World...

Katy recently wrote a review of the new Animal Crossing game for, as well as persuading me that I really should buy the game, so I drew a picture of her enjoying a sunny day in Animal Crossing...

And finally, here's a card for my friend Tom as the third Mario Brother... "Tomio", maybe?

That's all for now.


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