Thursday, 6 September 2012

Papero W/ Artists

I was asked by the London-based design PR company Epha3 to collaborate on a project with the Korean papercraft model maker Paperobean, and design my own customised version of two of Papero's best-selling products: the buggy car and the biplane.

The Papero models are produced as flat A4 blank laser cut sheets, which can then be decorated, and fitted together to create the 3D models. The instructions are easy to follow (I managed to put it together all by myself!) and I was amazed at how many moveable parts the finished models have – the tyres turn and you can open the doors and lift the bonnet on the buggy car, and the biplane has a slidable door and moveable propellor!

Here are some photos of the two models I produced...

Seven other artists took part in the project, and all our works will be exhibited at Maison et Objet Paris between the 7–11 September. You can view more photos of my models, plus the designs produced by the other artists over at Epha3's website.

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  1. Wow! That looks great Paul love it love it :) congratulations xx