Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Ridiculous Looking Man

Yesterday I was travelling on the Overground from Dalston Junction to New Cross, when this guy got on the train and sat opposite me. Now, I would never suggest that I know anything about fashion, but this person just had far too many different things going on at once with his appearance! His hair went into this bizarre ice-cream curl, he'd seemed to have gone to quite some effort to style his nearly non-existent facial hair, he was wearing a suede blazer, a massive belt, jeans that managed to be both extra baggy and tight-fitting at the same time, no socks and moccasins! He literally looked like a child's description of person! I wanted to get out my sketchbook and draw him, but I honestly didn't know where to begin...

Since then, I've felt as though this strange human has somehow been haunting my subconscious, so in an effort to exorcise him from my imagination, I've done a quick sketch of him from memory...

Now hopefully I can sleep soundly this evening!


  1. I love it!! He looks so funny... his trousers!! hahaha This puts a huge smile on my face! :D

  2. haha.. who is he?

  3. Serves you right for going to Dalston.

  4. Thank you Paul!! This is really funny!!!! Fashion!! ahahaha!!