Friday, 9 December 2011

The Line It Is Drawn Try-Out (Week 2)

So last week I shared my first submission for The Line It Is Drawn over on the Comics Should Be Good blog, and now I've got my week 2 submission(s) to share with you.

This week's theme was "comic book characters that haven't previously teamed up", and I ended up drawing two of the suggestions:

The Monitor and The Watcher (watching Watchmen)

Voting is now open, and if you like my drawings, please click on this link and tick the box with my name (It's the sixth name down in the second list, in case any of you have a problem finding it). You can also check out the other entries while you're there, in the interest of fairness.

Voting closes on Thursday 15 December at 11:59 EST and the two entries with the most votes will be the new weekly artists joining the current bunch of regulars. Wish me luck!

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