Friday, 2 December 2011

The Line It Is Drawn Try-Out (Week 1)

The Line It Is Drawn is a weekly online column on the Comic Book Resources website. Each week a comics-related theme is suggested on the Comics Should Be Good blog and twitter with people posting suggestions for that theme during the week. Seven artists then each pick one of the suggestions to draw and the results are posted at the end of the week.

Three of the regular artists involved are stepping down soon, so they are currently looking for new artists to replace them, and I decided to throw my hat into the ring. Over the next couple of weeks, all those people wishing to try-out for a position get sent the list of suggestions and have the chance to submit their work.

This week's theme was "Super-fy It: Turn a person, real or fictional, into a superhero". Out of over 250 suggestions, I finally decided to go with The Virgin Mary(!) and made her into the superhero Immaculate, based partly on the cover to the Image comic
Invincible #32...

Next week's theme is "Team-up two comic book characters who have never had a team-up before".

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