Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Ghost of Drawings Past: Episode Three

I've been thinking a bit about my online presence recently, and what people can see when they search for me online. As part of this, I deleted my MySpace account which I hadn't really logged on to in over three years, because I didn't really have time to maintain it, and would prefer people get directed to my current social networking profiles. But before I did, I made sure to copy my old illustrations that I had loaded up on my profile. I posted some of these old drawings to my blog a few years ago now, but here are a few more that I didn't previously post.

Band On The Run

So this was one of the first images I posted online I think. A drawing for my friend's brother's band... I'm not sure if they're even still together now... And I forget the name of their band. But I like the limited colour!

ASBO Koala

A drawing I did for my friend Mel. I often would ask people for suggestions of things to draw...

The Lion, The Which? And The Wardrobe

My friend Janice suggested drawing Mr Tumnus being mauled by Aslan. As you do!


She also suggested this drawing. But I haven't got a clue what her original suggestion actually was...

I'd rather have a bowl of JOCOpops

Jo Cogan is a talented designer/illustrator who I first met on MySpace. This was a drawing of her I did based on her profile photo at the time.

The Future's Bright...

And here's my version (bottom) of an illustration she produced (top) for the mobile phone company Orange.

Me, Myself and I...

I think this was around the time that I began drawing myself...

...and I didn't have a beard back then.

Happy Birthday Kavita

And finally, here's a birthday card I drew for my friend Kavita who was studying to become a doctor. She wasn't actually training to be a surgeon... But I think she had to do some surgery training... Or else I just thought it was a good idea for a drawing. I forget which...

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  1. You used to be a bit more gory! I see your big progress though!