Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Paul'll Fix It

For the past few years, my friend Tom has been asking me to draw a picture of him riding on a giant bee. As I usually enjoy ignoring him, I hadn't bothered ... until now!

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  1. Thanks for doing that! Worryingly, the scale of the torso & tattoos are 100% accurate. I feel like I've stretched you as an artist, creatively, by taking you out of your comfort zone. Now you should seriously consider taking part in the DarkSide/DownSide Exhibition...

    Spent ages puzzling over the Button Moon reference; finally came to the conclusion that it was a tube of glue (as a cheap alternative to the heroin). I also thought that the Superman II bit was an Evil Dead II reference, and that the beardy one was you - trapped as a tortured soul - trying to break through in to my universe.

    But had you done a stuck something from Superman III in there I might have got it. Thanks again!