Thursday, 31 December 2009

Snowman Gordon! ("S novim godom")>

So it's the end of another year. Didn't it go quickly? 2010 is ahead of us, and there's just time for one final drawing for 2009. New Year's greetings for everyone, and in particular all my Russian friends (well, all 3 of them...).

Happy New Year in Russian is С Новым Годом which is pronounced S Novim Godom* which I think sounds a lot like Snowman Gordon so...

Hope you all have a great year! :-)

*and if I've spelt it wrong, blame the internets!

Friday, 25 December 2009

Warm Greetings!

(Special thanks to Arina for the inspiration for the second part of this image!)

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! :-)

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Badger's Advent Calender

Here's a comic I drew as part of Badger's Advent Calender for Howard Hardiman's Cute But Sad site. I met Howard at the Alternative Press Fair earlier in the year, and he's currently doing the MA Illustration course at Camberwell.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Dr. Strangeblog or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog (Update #6)

So, I just realised there were a couple of things that I left out while updating my recent scribblings, so here's one final catch-up for today...

It was my mate Joe's birthday the other week. I made a card with him surrounded by the various birds that populate his drawings...

Also, my friend Arina finally got her visa to stay here for at least the next 2 years, after a few rather nervous weeks of waiting, so I drew a quick cartoon to celebrate...

And finally, the other week I was chatting online to my friend Vicky who was telling me how she was finding it really hard to wake up recently and that she thought she might actually be a bear, hibernating for the winter, which gave me an idea for a drawing...

And now really finally, here is a small preview of one final illustration I've been working on. I don't want to say what it's for yet, but all will eventually be revealed in a few weeks...

Okay! Th-Th-That's All Folks! Hopefully I'll be a bit more regular with my blog updates from now on...

Reservoir Blogs (Update #5)

It was my friend Li Jung's birthday this weekend, so I made her a card featuring some of her characters from her illustrations. I also used colour pens to colour the image in a similar style to her work...

Where The Wild Blogs Are (Update #4)

My friend Yuki has gone to do a marathon! In Honolulu!!

Before she left, I made her a card to give her some moral support! Run, Yuki, Run!

The Good, The Blog, And The Ugly (Update #3)

This is an illustration of a dog I drew for my friend Tayana for her birthday after she told me that she really wanted a dog –specifically a basset hound, but wasn't allowed to have one where she lives... least this one doesn't need to go for walks or be fed. And won't do a poo on the floor!

Blog To The Future (Update #2)

Here's a card I did for Lucy, featuring her and her brother Matt, who was on my MA course. Her birthday party had a Royalty theme, so I drew her as the birthday queen, lauding it over her brother, who is not amused!

Even more amazing was the fact that Matt actually wore that exact same jumper to the party!! (But he refused my suggestion that they recreate the card...)

New Kids on the Blog (Update #1)

Hmm... I've been neglecting my blog a little recently, and although I have been drawing here and there, I haven't really had anything to get my teeth into. Anyway, I thought I would take a moment to post a few bits and pieces I've done in the last few weeks...

First up, is a cartoon I drew for Clare, Emily and Aimee, who have gone off travelling for the next couple of months or more, going to New York, Las Vegas, New Zealand, Sydney, Melbourne, and quite possibly some other places I've forgotten...

I guess some explaination may be required... The first time I met Emily at my friend Clare's birthday, she somehow managed through the course of the evening, to end up with chewing gum on her arm, and somehow (which sort of escapes me now) my attempts to help out by removing the chewing gum, resulted in us both getting chewing gum stuck to us! This was my attempt to capture the experience, and combine it with the fact that they're off to Australia.

Why Aimee is dressed in her Halloween costume while on Holiday I can't really explain. It just seemed amusing to me...

I also did a special paint-by-numbers version for Clare after Emily alerted me to the fact that when Clare has loads of paint-by-numbers pictures in her house that she did when she was a kid.