Monday, 4 May 2009

Pig Flu Over The Cuckoo's Nest

I was sick last week. Very sick! Unfortunately my sickness coincided with the outbreak of Pig Flu, and when I wasn't becoming very familiar with the inside of my toilet bowl, I lay on the sofa while more and more ludicrous claims were being made on the reactionary news channels, and tried to remember the last time I'd eaten a bacon sandwich...

Happily, I hadn't miraculously become infected with the Piggy Pox, just some random 24-hour vomiting bug (apologies if you're eating your breakfast while reading this post), the effects of which pretty much prevented me from doing much work towards the end of last week.

This is the first drawing I've done in a few days, and so it seemed somehow apt to create an illustration of a poorly pig. Get well soon, little piggy!

**Updated 15/05/09**
I thought this image seemed perfect for this week's Illustration Friday topic, "Contagious".


  1. AnonymousMay 04, 2009

    hey! really good one! hope you didn't have to draw the map! :D

  2. Yow! I feel your pain! I am finally feeling human again from some similar illness. Hope you stay well! Perfect illustration!- John

  3. I like how you made the pig and map come together in a unified illustration.

  4. Very nice, a really great interpretation for the week subject.
    Congratulations and regards!

    Rui Sousa

  5. aww. I hope you're good now. The illustration is very apt and quite lovely.

    P.S.- I love Sombreros. lol.

  6. Your illo is fantastic,love the pig expression