Monday, 26 January 2009

Narrative Structure

I've been taking an Evening Class at LCC in Narrative Structure, and one of the things we've been working on is producing a series of images to accompany a children's story by Oscar Wilde, called The Selfish Giant, which is about a Giant that comes home to find children playing in his garden and chucks them out, building a high wall to keep them from entering. As Spring arrives, the children play among the blossom and flowers outside the wall, but in the Giant's garden it's still winter, no birds are singing, no flowers grow, and the Giant is all alone!

Last week we looked at using collage to create an image, and this is my first illustration, combining tissue paper, magazine images, hand-drawn elements on newspaper, and photographs. I'm interested in how the addition of collage can be used in my work, something I'm also exploring in the addition of textures into my computer-based illustration. Overall I think the composition may be a bit flat. I think I need to make the medium fit my drawing style, rather than making it restrict what I do, but as an experiment I think it has been interesting...

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