Friday, 5 January 2018

Blog-Me-Do Part 2: House of Cards

Another thing that I don't get as much time to do as I once did, is making cards for friends and family for birthdays and other special occasions.

I still enjoy being able to do it, and it's always a fun challenge to come up with a new idea for a card for someone that I've known for a long time and already made a bunch of cards for, but it's also quite time consuming, so isn't always possible when I have other work demands and deadlines. But I did manage to still make more than a few cards in 2017. I've already blogged a few of them at the start of last year, but here are the others...

My Mum really enjoyed the all-female Ghostbusters reboot in 2016 (and so did I), so I drew her this card for Mother's Day:

My friend Saul is a big fan of My Little Pony, especially Pinky Pie, so I drew this card for his birthday:

I'm not sure I can really explain this card for my friend Jon. He loved it though!

This was a slightly odd commission that I received last year, where someone emailed me and asked me to recreate a Venice-themed birthday card that I drew for my friend Jess in 2013 that they'd seen online, but with their son in Jess's place...

My friends Anna and Paul got married last year, and here's a card I made for them:

My Dad loves cutting the hedge in the garden, and wants to do it most weekends, so I drew him this card for Father's Day...

My Mum was 70 last year! And here's a card I made for her:

This was a commission to draw a card for friends of my brother's fiancee, who were gettting married in Spain...

My friend Kate was 30 last year and enjoys playing the banjo, so here's a card I drew for her:

A birthday card for my Dad:

My parents celebrated their 40th Ruby Wedding Anniversary on New Year's Eve, so I drew this Red-hued card for them:

And finally, my Christmas card that I made for 2017:

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