Thursday, 19 March 2015

15 Minute Comic

On Tuesday night I went along to Karrie Fransman's Guardian Masterclass: "How to create successful comics and graphic novels". I was hoping for a bit of a creative kick up the backside and get some advice on how to approach publishers. Hearing Karrie speak about comics is always inspiring, and she has such a genuine love for the medium. I picked up lots of helpful advice, as well as reaffirming some things that I was already considering by myself. As well as going through the process of how she put together the pitch for her two graphic novels, The House That Groaned and Death Of The Artist, Karrie also set us some practical tasks throughout the evening, including drawing a 15 minute comic using different prompts that she called out as we went along – "Draw an angry character!", "And they choose a fancy dress outfit!", "Now they're going to a party" etc. It was certainly challenging, but fun to have to draw something quickly, without overthinking it too much.

Here's my (very scribbly!) finished comic! [click on the image to enlarge]

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