Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Line It Is Drawn Try-Outs: Week One

The Line It Is Drawn is a weekly column over at the Comic Book Resources website. Every week Followers of the site's Twitter page come up with responses to a comics-related theme, and a group of artists pick a suggestion from this list to illustrate and the final result is posted online each week at CBR.

They are currently looking for new artist's to take part, and as it sounded like a fun exercise, I decided to take part. There will be two weeks of Try-Outs and then five artists will be selected from those that manage to produce an illustration for both weeks.

The topic for Week One was "Cover Homage" and I chose to draw the cover to All Star Superman #1 featuring Streaky The Supercat...

And here is the original cover by Frank Quitely...

All of the artworks are now up online here:

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