Friday, 5 December 2014

Process #21: Christmas Comics Creating Party

Process is a monthly comics workshop/discussion group, run by Steve Walsh, that takes place on the first Wednesday of every month at Gosh! Comics.

This month's event was a festive comics jam and we spent the evening making comics, eating Jaffa Cakes and Quality Street, drinking beer and being forced to listen to xmas songs.

(photo courtesy of Matt Duncan)

Steve provided a selection of basic materials, including felt-tip pens, stickers and a xmas stamp set. I decided to use some of these stamps to make my comic. There was also a range of inspirational material provided by Jess Milton, Cristian Ortiz, Daniel de Sosa, Matt Boyer, Anna Dowsland, Saul Taylor and Tempo-Lush Richy K. Chandler (Steve had asked me if I could draw something too, but sadly I ran out of time!). I took one of Saul Taylor's blank variant cover designs, complete with Steve's face in the corner box, and used it for the cover to my comic.

And here's what I drawed (partially fuelled by alcohol and e-numbers):

It was a fun night, and there was also a couple of comics jam pages being passed around during the evening, with each person tasked with completing the comic from the previous panel and passing it on. I don't have any photos of those, but if they turn up online, I'll add them here...

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