Sunday, 23 November 2014

Thought Bubble 2014 Round-Up

So I thought I'd write a follow up post to my previous entry about the Thought Bubble Comics Art Festival.

Here's a slightly blurry photo from my phone of my table, all set up and ready to go on Saturday morning...

Fellow comics creator (and my hotel roommate for the weekend) Richy K. Chandler took this photo of me at my table on the second day of the Convention...

And here I am recreating the cover to my new comic Look What I Drawed..., which I was launching at this year's Thought Bubble (photo courtesy of Jess Cave)...

Although I was feeling a bit nervous about my first time with a table exhibiting my work prior to travelling up to Leeds, once I was there I really enjoyed myself. My comics sold quite well, and it was nice to see people's reactions to my work in person. One woman picked up a copy of my Haiku Comics book, read the first strip, laughed and said that it had passed the test and she'd have to buy a copy. There's such a great atmosphere at Thought Bubble and it's definitely my favourite show that I've been to, both as a spectator and now as an exhibitor.

I met a lot of great people over the weekend, some for the first time, and it was really inspiring to see such a wide selection of comics on display. As well as selling my own work, I did get a chance to go around and pick up a few things from other people...

(Clockwise-ish from top-left)
Last Days of Nobodies by Mike Medaglia. The first in a three part series looking at the days leading up to the deaths of three artists who were little known in their time. The first book focuses on Vincent Van Gogh.

The Cauliflower Fields by Enoki - One of the great things about going along to an event like this, is the chance to discover the work of someone you hadn't previously been aware of. Enoki's table was directly opposite from mine, and after looking over at the cover to her comic during the Saturday, I went over to have a look through the pages on the Sunday. And was very glad I did. Intended as the first part of a longer narrative, Enoki's artwork is intricate and detailed, but what really grabbed my attention was her use of page layout and space on the page which paces the story just right, as well as incorporating elements of animation in places as you turn the pages. Definitely somebody to watch out for!

Totoro print by Chibi-Shibby – I love this Risograph print of Totoro AND fifty percent of the sale goes to Cancer Research UK, so it looks good and does good too!

36,000 Feet by John Cei Douglas and Alessandra Genualdo - it was fun to be sharing a table with John and Alessandra for the weekend. This is a comic they created together with a really beautiful story, which Alessandra wrote and John drew.

Safe Place by AndrĂ© Pereira – another new discovery during the weekend was Kingpin Books who publish the work of Portuguese comic artists, like AndrĂ© Pereira. I had a flick through this comic and really liked the style of it, which felt both unique and familiar at the same time. They also had an anthology comic that I meant to go back and buy later, but never got the chance to...

Expecting To Fly by John Allison – I liked the format of this comic series by John Allison which is a two part tale, presented as two single issue comics. The fact that the covers featured videogame references encouraged me to pick them up...

It's A Bird by Matt Duncan - a fun mini comic focusing on the gathered crowds during a superhero fight that rewards repeat reads!

Turtles Fighters by Jack Teagle - pitch perfect Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles parody.

I'm already looking forward to next year's Thought Bubble and also planning to exhibit my work at more comic shows during the year!

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