Friday, 1 November 2013

Movillustrations 2013: Day 1 – Will Smith

And so it begins…!

I’m raising money for Prostate Cancer UK by drawing a different mustachioed man every day during November. Day 1 is Will Smith, star of such films as Men In Black, Men In Black 2 and Men In Black 3 (among others).

If you’ve enjoyed looking at my drawings, please visit my Just Giving page and donate whatever you can. Thank you.


  1. Good effort Paul, keep it up. I am just growing a moustache again this year.

    Do you already have your 30 people planned, or are you taking requests?

  2. I have 30 planned...just to make sure i knew enough to last me the whole month...but i also take requests...

  3. May I request Pai Mei please?

    Hopefully Pai Mei and his epic facial hair need no introduction, but just in case: he is the 1,000 year old priest in Kill Bill who teaches Kung Fu, including the "Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique".