Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Manga School

Last night I went along to "Manga School" at Birkbeck College for a series of talks by researchers and professionals visiting from Japan MANGA STUDIES: From Architecture to Female Otaku. It was an interesting evening and I left wanting to read more Manga titles.

During the day I'd posted about the event on Facebook and one of my friends commented on the fact that "Manga School" made them think of Battle Royale - a Japanese film/novel/manga series about a group of high school students who are forced by the government to compete in a deadly game where the students must kill each other in order to win (and is "entirely different" to The Hunger Games...).

Anyway, after being inspired by the evening's discussion, I ended up drawing a picture of myself and my friend Karrie in a Battle Royale style face off...

(PS. I would like to point out that "Manga School" was in no way actually like Battle Royale...)

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