Sunday, 25 November 2012

Spandex Black & White

I was recently asked by Martin Eden to contribute to 'Spandex Black & White' – a mini artbook that comes free with issue 7 of Spandex, the comic about a Brighton-based all-gay superteam, written and illustrated by Martin.

'Spandex Black & White' features images by 16 different artists of some of the many characters that Martin has created in the comic. Martin asked me to draw a picture of the Japanese superhero group The J-Team – Harajuku Girl, Salary Man, Geisha, Su Mo, Fuji, Facemask and Mr Tokyo – and I decided to show the team enjoying some time off from superheroics...

Spandex #7, and previous issues of the series, are available to order online for £3.20 (including postage and packaging).

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