Friday, 12 October 2012

The Sketchbook Project – London

I've previously posted about my The Sketchbook Project 2012 sketchbook, which I completed in January of this year and sent off to the Brooklyn Art Library to be part of their permanent collection. Since then, the sketchbooks have been on tour around the US and are now making a one week stop-off in the UK, and will be available to view at Canada Water Library in London from 12–19 October. The opening times to view the sketchbooks are as follows:

Friday: 4pm-8pm Saturday: 11am-5pm Sunday: CLOSED Monday-Friday: 4pm-8pm

I'm hoping to make it along tomorrow to have a look.

For those of you that missed my previous posts about my sketchbook, I selected the theme Heroes & Villains, and my book – entitled SUPERhuman – depicts various fantastical comic book heroes and villains carrying out mundane everyday tasks. It's an idea that I have plans to continue working on, and as part of that, and to celebrate the start of the London stopover, I've drawn a new image featuring Mr Fantastic from The Fantastic Four putting his mental abilities to the test with a jumbo puzzle book...

If you're Facebook enclined, you can view the event page for The Sketchbook Project - London here:

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