Monday, 30 July 2012

Emperor Yes and Friends - That's All Folks!

So the Emperor Yes and Friends show came to an end yesterday after a three week residency at Top Office Machines on Bethnal Green Road. All of the work was inspired by two songs by Emperor Yes – Fishes and Wasps – and there was a great variety of work being exhibited.

For those of you that weren't able to make it along, here are my two comics that were featured in the show...

And here's a small selection of some of the other work included in the show...

Wasps Wig by Ayano Fukuoka

Fish by Sephryn Grey

Stand Next To You by Parlee

Fishes by MVF

Bastards by Stevyn Colgan

Emperor Sea by Alec Jones

Wasps music video poster by Sam Ballard

You can check out more of the work featured in the show over at the online store.

Thanks to everyone that made it along over the past couple of weeks, and thanks to Ash from the band for asking me to be involved with the project.

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