Friday, 20 January 2012

Secret 7" competiton

Phew! That was a busy few hours of drawing!!

A while ago, I saw a competition on the Talenthouse website to design artwork for the band CSS. I've been a fan of CSS for ages, and have seen them play Live a few times, so this sounded like something I'd like to do! And then I forgot all about it. Until I noticed a couple of tweets and facebook posts from friends saying that they had entered the competition. I still wanted to take part, but was busy with a few other things, and so time passed...

Today was the deadline for entries, and I was working at the gallery during the day so when I got home, I FINALLY got around to working on my entry for the competition, and hurried to get it done before the deadline...

Fortunately, on the bus to work this morning I was listening to the selected song – City Grrrl by CSS – on my iPod and came up with an idea, so I was good to go! Listening to the lyrics of the song, I kept coming back to the idea of transformation and the desire to "live the life I didn't have yet" in New York City, and the iconic symbol of freedom: the Statue of Liberty (I had also watched Ghostbusters 2 recently...).

The band themselves will be picking the winning designs to be printed on a Secret 7" vinyl sleeve and exhibited in East London for Record Store Day on the 21 April, but if you like my design, you can also vote for my entry over on the Talenthouse website. Voting starts tomorrow (20 January) until the 26 January, and you can view my entry on their site and cast your vote here:

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