Sunday, 20 November 2011

Look what THEY drawed... Me!

I'm frequently drawing people on the train/tube/DLR/Overground.
I find it's a good way to pass the time during journeys and also is good practice for drawing different faces and expressions.

But today I was drawn by someone else while I was on the Overground to Wapping! I look very sophisticated! haha

I noticed that he was sketching, but didn't know he was drawing me! Then before I got off, he tore the page out and gave it to me, with his facebook page to upload it to. You can check out his page here:


  1. Interesting. Very bold. i draw people on the tube too, but I would never think about giving it to them afterwards. Do people like getting that, or would they be weird about it? What's your experience?

  2. Personally, I wouldn't like to give someone the drawing I did of them. Once I was drawing someone on the train and another guy noticed me and said "Draw me!" so I reluctantly did, and then when he saw it he said "It's good but you've given me a big nose!" (He did have a big nose!).

    I prefer to draw people without them knowing. That's also part of the challenge of it for me. But I was pleased to get this drawing today!

  3. martin xanthosNovember 21, 2011

    how about drawing someone drawing you!

  4. Funnily enough, I did consider drawing this guy as he had an interesting jacket on and a beard (and I like drawing beards!), but now I'm glad I didn't. If we'd both been drawing each other it would have been a bit awkward...