Wednesday, 3 August 2011

(Belated) Congratulations Lynsay & Matt!

My friend Lynsay got married at the beginning of last month. It was a really nice day and miraculously the sun was shining! I had planned to draw them a wedding card featuring the happy couple, but then I realised that I'd only briefly met her husband-to-be once before, a few years ago now, and couldn't really remember what he looked like to draw him...!

My options were:
a) Not to include him on the card (but that might have seemed a little weird).
b) To draw a generic male figure (but that might have seemed even weirder).
c) To draw the card, but leave a blank space where his face would be and finish the drawing during the wedding.
d) To go along to the wedding minus a card, make sure I took some photos which included the groom, then use them for reference to draw the card when I got home and give it to them later.

In the end I decided to go for the last option, and today met up with Lynsay and gave her the card, so I can finally blog about it without ruining the surprise!

You can check out some great photos of the wedding by photographer Emma Case over at her blog, which also includes a rather amusing photograph of me!

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