Thursday, 14 July 2011

You're Fired!

I really don't watch that much television these days, but one show that I do watch religiously is The Apprentice on BBC1, which I figure is probably as close as I'll get to doing a Business Studies degree...

Anyway, after 11 weeks, they are now down to the final four contestants, and with the Final being shown this Sunday, I thought
I would do a few drawings of the remaining contestants...

(clockwise from top-left: Jim, Helen, Susan and Tom)

My money is on Susan to win! Even though she has the uncanny ability to be amazingly stupid and then brilliantly clever in a single sentence (which may well be down to the show's editing), she's shown that she knows a lot about business and also seems to be the most ambitious of the four. I like Tom, but he just doesn't seem like he could actually run a business. Jim is too manipulative of other people and Helen... I don't really have any opinion about Helen. She's been on the winning team the most number of times, but I don't think that's always been particularly due to her contribution.

Anyway, apologies for anyone who reads this blog and doesn't watch The Apprentice... but it IS my blog, so stop your moaning! x

Tom won.

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  1. They are all brilliant, but that picture of Jim uncannily captures his eyes perfectly! Love it!