Friday, 29 July 2011

The Scottish Penguin

I was recently contacted about a commission by Sarah Christie who – in her own words on her Twitter page – is a "London based, IT working, gig going, penguin obsessed Scottish person" and also makes things. She is currently in the process of setting up an online shop in order to sell some of her craft work under the title of The Scottish Penguin and after seeing my recent penguin comics online, wanted me to design a Scottish penguin that she could use on her blog and online shop.

I had a bit of a think and came up with a few initial sketches based around the idea of Scottish-ness...

Obviously, some of them were a bit more serious than others, but it at least gave us a starting point. Sarah liked the idea of a tartan penguin. She also suggested trying something using The Saltire. I must confess to being a bit unsure of what this was, but one google-search later and I was sat at my computer going "Oh! The Scottish flag!".

I did try out using The Saltire, but the results made it look like the penguin was a member of the Marvel Comics mutant group X-Factor (Nothing to do with Simon Cowell!)...

So deciding to focus on the tartan design, I worked on creating a tartan pattern that Sarah was happy with, and finally came up with The Scottish Penguin!

You can visit The Scottish Penguin online shop here!


  1. You`re really good! (if this is you who draws this) :)

  2. Borderline racism, but I like the drawings! Can I commission you to draw something for my website? Serious.