Tuesday, 19 July 2011

In space no one can eat ice cream.

I've just completed my submission for the SPACE exhibition which will be happening as part of the Cardiff Design Festival 2011 in October. They are currently taking submissions for inclusion in the show (Deadline: Monday 1 August 2011) which will then be featured on their online showcase, with selected entries being printed and exhibited at the event in October.

My illustration is entitled "In space no one can eat ice cream" – a deviation from the tagline to the Ridley Scott film Alien – and highlights the impracticalities of attempting to eat an ice cream while wearing a space helmet. I've also included a number of references to various science fiction concepts from film and television...


  1. hahaha :D I'd like to buy ice cream from ALF, too. (does he sell "CAT" flavour ice cream?!) (It's fun to spot those science fiction concepts..hehe)

  2. haha, awesome! love the detail on this!

  3. hahaha I love Alf and the tiny one behind the van!! Paying attention to funny details, I tend to forget this is very well drawn indeed!