Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Kazu Morishita, Yuki Nishimura and Nanae Kawahara are three Japanese illustrators currently living in London who have set up SMILE JAPAN, a charity project to raise money to help those affected by the recent Japanese earthquake and tsunami. They have set up a website to share information about this project which you can view here.

This Saturday they will have a stall at The Backyard Market in Brick Lane, where they will be selling postcards, greeting cards and printed art work to help raise money.

If you're in the area, please drop by and take a look. They all do amazing work and you're sure to find something that you would like to buy. I'll also be contributing some work for them to sell, as will other local artists. And all of the money raised will be donated straight to the Japan earthquake and tsunami appeal.

SMILE JAPAN plans to continue their fund-raising efforts throughout the year with further market stalls and other ideas, so if you would like to contribute some artwork you can find contact details here.


  1. I might pop along to this :)

    Ha! Bet you wish you hadn't posted this now!!

  2. Thanks a lot Paul, we'll keep on! :)