Sunday, 9 January 2011

Dior Illustrated: René Gruau and the Line of Beauty

"Just a line? But it is the basis of all art, with a single line we can express grandeur, nobility, sensuality, the line synthesises sensations and concentrates knowledge." (René Gruau)

Today I went to see the exhibition Dior Illustrated: René Gruau and the Line of Beauty at Somerset House. The exhibition featured a number of Gruau's original illustrations, sketches and artwork produced over 40 years for Christian Dior.

I don't normally have that much interest in fashion illustration,
but I was really impressed with the strength of Gruau's line undulating across the page. The high contrast between thick and thin strokes managed to create an appearance that was at the same time both delicate and robust. It's always exciting to gain inspiration from an unexpeced source!

Here are a few sketches I made in the exhibition...

Unfortunately, today was the last day of the exhibition, so if you haven't made it along before now, it's too late to go and see it.
But you can watch a short video about the exhibition here.


  1. Ahh I totally missed to go! It seems to have been very inspirational coz it's such unlike to see you drawing beautiful women. Nice ones!

  2. Yeah, put more sketches up!