Friday, 21 January 2011

Asterix and the Taxman

I read a news article online today that Albert Uderzo – one of the creators of Asterix the Gaul – is being ordered to pay €203,000 (£171,000) in unpaid tax on the 24 Asterix comic books he and the late René Goscinny produced between 1959 and 1979.

Despite their publishing contract stating that while Uderzo signed off the drawings and Goscinny the texts, they were both recognised as the author, the French tax office is claiming that Uderzo was not entitled to claim tax breaks available only to "people who have participated in writing the texts of the comic strip".

I decided to do a drawing of how Asterix's friend Obelix might have dealt with the situation...


  1. I hope you've been declaring your tax, Paul.

  2. What is the Economy?

    One day in Biology class Ben Young said to Courtney: "I give the cusses, you take the cusses. That's the way it works". Then he added "I give you a banana, you eat the banana. That is also how it works".

    Courtney went berzerk and started to attack Ben Young (a bit like when they tried to pull King Kong off of the Empire State Building. Or when Donkey Kong started throwing barrels about).

    Ben Young ended up on his back on the bench with Courtney between his legs. They both cried. Alex just stood there.

    And that's a bit like how the Economy is.