Thursday, 16 December 2010

God rest ye merry, elephants, Let nothing you dismay...

I was asked by the Elephant Family – a UK-based charity working to protect Asian elephants and their habitat – to produce an illustration to use for their Christmas card.

They had enjoyed seeing the cartoons I'd produced during the Elephant Parade event in London earlier this year, and while they were coming up with ideas for their card, my name was mentioned.
I am very interested in the work that the Elephant Family do and pleased that they liked my previous drawings, so was more than happy to donate my time to create a new illustration for them.

They had come up with the idea of an iconic red London double decker bus, filled with some of the elephants from the Parade.
And because it is Christmas, I included a special bus driver for
the evening...

You can still sign the Elephant Family's online petition to help save the Asian elephant.

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  1. wow! Nice and pop! although the bus wouldn't move with 11 elephants on! Good work!