Thursday, 1 July 2010

Elephant Parade London: #77 Pit Bingko

Okay, first of all I have a confession to make, Pit Bingko is probably my least favourite of all the elephants in the Elephant Parade. There I've said it. Apologies to the artists involved, but he's pretty freaky looking, and reminded me of the melting Nazi's at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark...

But I took pity on the poor fella, and decided what he really needed was a good iron to get rid of those creases and wrinkles...

Don't forget to sign the petition to help save the Asian elephant over at the Elephant Parade website!


  1. awww bless him! i love this ^_^

  2. Agreed, Pit B and Grayson were my least favorite.

  3. I heard he was made that way as if he had enough skin to cover a full adult...But I do not know if that is correct

  4. hahaha.. The secret of youth :P