Monday, 10 May 2010

Cue the sound of trumpets and bring on the dancing girls!!! My website is now official online! Head on over to and have a look!!

I've given my blog a lick of paint as well to mark the occasion, and have also created a Facebook page to help promote my new website as well as providing another way for me to keep people updated about my illustration-based activities. If you're on Facebook you can go and join my page over at


  1. great one!! you might be already thinking but... put the link of website on the side of your blog, too, then your follower also can find out the website! well done :D

  2. Thanks Yuki, I'm glad you like it. And yep, that was on my to-do list for tomorrow, to put a link from my blog to my website...

  3. Your website looks amazing!