Tuesday, 20 April 2010

There now follows a party political broadcast...

Okay, so I'm not generally into politics. In my opinion most politicians will just promise you everything you ever wanted, until they get elected, when they'll turn around and say they didn't really mean it. However, there's an Election coming up, and everywhere you look there's a politician promising that if you vote for them, then they'll give everybody superpowers and bring back the dinosaurs (and who doesn't want that, eh?). So I ended up drawing an illustration of David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party, and Gordon Brown, leader of the Labour Party and our current Prime Minister...

Cameron has been ridiculed over the obviously retouched images used on the Conservative's poster campaign, and seems desperate to appeal to every possible demographic ("Look kids, I'm not wearing a tie!"). But to me, he seems like a mindless robot, saying everything that he's been programmed to say in order to get more votes. I bet he doesn't even have a shadow!

Gordon Brown appears very similar to his namesake Charlie Brown. In fact, reading Wikipedia's profile of the fictional Charlie Brown, who "fails in almost everything he does... is ultimately dominated by his insecurities... and often taken advantage of by his peers", it could easily be discussing Brown's recent period as Prime Minister.

And so as not to be accused of political bias, I should also mention the Liberal Democrat's leader Nick Clegg. Is it just me, or does Nick Clegg look a lot like the slightly younger brother of Peter Jones from Dragon's Den...?

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  1. Someone I know said David Cameron looks like CP30, if CP30 was made of ham. But I have no idea what that actually means..