Saturday, 20 March 2010

Oliver Jeffers in conversation with Martin Salisbury

Yesterday I went to hear Oliver Jeffers in conversation with Martin Salisbury. It was a really interesting talk, with Oliver Jeffers talking about how he got started with producing illustrated children's books, the way he works, his influences and techniques. I found it very inspiring.

But for me, the biggest surprise was how Oliver Jeffers actually looked! You know when you have a picture of someone in your head, and then you meet them and you want to say to them "But, you don't look like that!"...

Here's a quick drawing I did in my sketchbook during the talk. That's Oliver Jeffers on the right, sporting the most amazing moustache, and facially resembling a circus strongman!

(...and I'm aware of the fact that I keep calling him Oliver Jeffers. It just somehow seems odd to refer to him as just Oliver, or Mr Jeffers...)


  1. oooh this sounds amazing! i would have loved to have been there! ^_^ xxxx

  2. All cool people sport handlebar mustaches, sucker.