Monday, 25 January 2010

28 Comics Later... Day Ten

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programme...

So as some of you may have noticed (and a few people have actually pointed out to me when I've seen them), I haven't posted anything on my blog for the past week or so, which also means I've neglected my 28 Comics Later... project. Well, now I'm back and my first new comics offering also acts as a sort of summary of what I've been up to during my leave of absence...


  1. i like this. it is awesome-sauce.

  2. also, you've kind've shown off about the amount of friends you have. well done. xxx

  3. Haha! That wasn't my intention...honest! (but I guess I sort of did).

  4. Hello Paul,

    Im really liking your limited pallet stuff, it looks swish and works really well. Its kind of sad that you have also documented almost all of my socializing in this period in just one panel of your comic (Saturday 16th), I'm very envious of how many friends you have, the time you have to meet them and that you can afford it all. You live like a king!

    Looking forward to seeing more of these. See you on wednesday?

  5. Busy man! But I really enjoyed your comic... your drawing has lots of imagination. And thank you for adding me as one of your character!