Monday, 16 November 2009

I Love London

It's been a while since my last blog post, and that's because I've been busy working on a series of images for a book project I'm working on with a group of people from my illustration course. The idea was for each of us to choose a different area of London and then produce a short narrative across two spreads. The images should feature animal characters.

For my submission, I decided to focus on the West End of London, specifically Charing Cross train station, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden market and Big Ben. My story follows the adventures of a small penguin visiting the city for the day...


I came to London on the train, when I arrived it began to rain...

I hurried towards Trafalgar Square, the lion statue gave me a scare!

To Covent Garden next, I popped. Fortunately, the rain had stopped.

Before I left, I saw Big Ben. I cannot wait to come to London again!!

Finally, here is a spot illustration I created for the index page...

I've really enjoyed drawing the buildings in these images, and coming up with different animal characters to populate the scenes. It's also been fun adding little details like the animal-based advertisements on the buses...


  1. Really nice set of pictures Paul. The colours and details in the backgrounds are top notch.

  2. Wow, Paul this is fab! Really loved the words too! You should consider doing more pages with this unlikely pair. I can imagine a whole children's book full of the adventures!! Then... travel the world with .....what are their names? going to different countries and tourist attractions! You could easily get it published, Im sure. Good for you!
    Jo Phillips

  3. Fecking brilliant! I LOVE this series! I wanna see more of pengiuns adventures!

    The Charing Cross one is my fave, I just love the detail, particularly the crossing lights! :)

  4. Very sweet Paul - How charming :)