Tuesday, 6 October 2009

"Digital Love" The Observer/Jonathan Cape/Comica Graphic Short Story Prize

So I've been working on a submission for The Observer/Jonathan Cape/Comica Graphic Short Story Prize. I decided to try out building a longer story from a series of shorter comics, so I ended up with a series of single page 4-panel strips, which go together to make a larger 4-page comic story.

The story itself is an extension of a comic strip idea I had a few years ago. Although the main character is obviously styled on myself, I can assure you that it is entirely fictional ... Honest!

I really enjoyed the challenge of working on this longer piece, and it's a process I'd like to employ again in the future. I'll know if I won at the end of the month, so keep your fingers crossed till then...!


  1. Very very interesting Paul!
    I hope you will get a good result :D

  2. Heeheheee...Good Luck Paul - High five :)