Saturday, 1 August 2009


Today was 'Collaborama!', part of the Alternative Press Festival, a day of collaborative zine making, creative workshops and stalls selling people's self-published work. I was there with a bunch of people from the MA at Camberwell, selling copies of my Haiku Comics anthology. Here are a couple of collaborative drawings I did during the day...

...with Kazu Morishita

...and Carolina Martinez Marin.

I also took part in a workshop run by Zarina Liew on producing 4-Koma comics, and created a couple of comics about the events of the workshop which then got included in the Zine that was being created, printed in a run of 300 copies and distributed on the day...

...with apologies to Zarina for the slightly rushed "likeness"...

Now I'm all tired out and ready for some much needed sleep. Tomorrow is the Alternative Press Fair, and hopefully another good day... :-)

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