Wednesday, 22 July 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack!

So, that's the MA all done then!

I haven't posted anything new on my blog for a few weeks, as I was busy with the little matter of the Final Show for my MA in Illustration. The past couple of weeks have been really hectic, but a lot of fun! And now, I've reached the end. Our show was on last week, and was really well attended. I was very happy with my final pieces, and had some really good comments back from people who came along to see it, which was very uplifting! On Monday I went in to take my work down, and yesterday we collected our results, and I was very pleased to have passed with 78%.

My main piece was a collection of my Haiku Comics. I've posted most of them on here already but I kept a few back until after the show, so that people coming who had been following my blog hadn't seen it all before.

Here is the final piece, followed by the individual Haikus that I hadn't previously posted:

I was really pleased with the way people reacted to my Haiku Comics. There was lots of laughing to be heard, which was really pleasing. I definitely want to continue with this project, creating new Haiku Comics. Also I am going to make a book from my existing Haiku Comics to sell at the Alternative Press Fair that is happening at the beginning of August – more details soon...

So anyway today is my first day as a fully-fledged Master of Colouring-In and Doodling, and after a bit of a sleep in after a "few" celebratory beers last night, I'm ready to begin the next phase... But first I really need to tidy up my desk...


  1. Amazing work! I am the creator of a comic called "Old Pond" and posted your frog strip on my blog with reference to your site so people can enjoy your fabulous work.

  2. Hi Paul,
    I discovered your haiku comics, thanks to Tessa. Like them very much !

  3. Hey, thanks for the kind words. I really want to get around to working on some more, so it's good to know that people like them!