Sunday, 24 May 2009

3-page comic: The Amazing Adventures of Bobo the Unhappy Clown

I haven't posted any new work for a few days as I was working on creating a short comic story. I really enjoyed the process and it was interesting to see how it compared with drawing my daily strips.

I decided to take the clown character that I drew a few weeks ago and use him in my story. From there I sketched out some thumbnails to work out how the story would work over a few pages, as opposed to a couple of panels...

...After sketching out the initial idea for the story, I looked at how best to present the ideas from my thumbnails, removing some ideas condensing others, and letting some parts have a bit more space. At the end of this process I'd reduced the number of pages to 3, with more panels per page than in my initial sketches, as I felt that this allowed the story to move along at a more comfortable pace.

I made the decision to allow the story to play out mainly in pictures, limiting the text to sound effects. I think some of my more successful daily strips are the ones that don't rely too much on text in order to get the idea across. This presented me with an interesting challenge and meant that I had to make sure that my drawings were able to convey the story on their own.

I am pleased with the end result and think I've managed to achieve what I set out to do. I'd like to continue working on some longer comic stories alongside my daily strips...


  1. It looks very professional, Paul. I like the idea of using colours, collages without too much text. I'm impressed!