Monday, 11 May 2009

11/05/09: Sunshine and MA's don't mix...


  1. hehe
    nice image )

    at the last bit you should have shown yourself drawing THIS!

    "Too bad i've got to stay inside and work ON THIS"

    p.s. I thought you enjoy doing your artwork :D

  2. Hehe! You know, I did think about doing that, but then I thought it was a bit too self-referential: drawing me, drawing a drawing of me drawing... My brain hurts just thinking about it!

    And I do enjoy doing my artwork. I just prefer it when it's grey and miserable outside when I'm doing it...

  3. but the contrast between 2 your faces is striking indeed! :) vs. :(

  4. the sun is shining!
    mr. shinn! u should work at park. haha

  5. Aww Sorry Paul! Cute illo though! Love the wolverine shirt! The expressions are perfect!