Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Yukisaurus Vs. Robo-man!

A group of students from the Illustration MA are taking part in an exhibition to be held in Osaka, Japan, being organised by my classmate Yuki and her father who lives in Japan. I decided to create a new piece for the exhibition and so designed my own poster for a Japanese giant monster movie: Yukisaurus vs. Robo-Man!

Robo-Man was inspired by my recent drawing for our Illustration Discussion group. And I must also say a special thank you to my friend Kazu for providing me with the Japanese translation on the right, which says something along the lines of "Watch two giant monsters fight!" (I forget what the exact phrase I asked her if she could translate was...).

After drawing the characters and the lettering, I spent quite a bit of time trying to create the background. After many unsuccessful attempts to draw realistic-looking fire, I began looking for online references, and then thought that rather than trying to recreate the look of a photo of fire, I might as well actually use a photo of fire, so looked online for free-to-use images and finally found a picture of a raging fire and a sky that I was happy with and combined them for my background. I am happy with how this turned out, as I wanted to capture some essence of the slightly "unrefined" appearance of some of the best giant monster movies...

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  1. hahaha great! It looks like a poster of the western film in Japan ;-)