Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Think Pink - DIY WOMP Exhibition

I've been working on an illustration for the second DIY WOMP exhibition which will be held next month at 93 Feet East's Pink Bar in Brick Lane, London. The theme for the exhibition, rather fittingly, was Pink. My intial idea was to create a single image containing a variety of pink-related characters, items and objects, but after doing some work on this, it just wasn't working for me. While I was happy with some of the inidividual drawings, they just weren't working together. Then I hit upon the idea of using the drawings I was happiest with individually, and creating a series of illustrations. I also wanted to experiment a bit with a new method of working, so decided to go out and take some photographs around London and use these as the backgrounds to place my illustrated characters within. I ended up creating a series of 4 images:

Not that it's particularly relevant in order to understand the images, but just for reference the illustrations/photos are from top to bottom: A pink pig eating pink marshmallows on the monument in the centre of Seven Dials, near Covent Garden; A punk with pink hair eating pink candyfloss by Camden Lock; A pink flamingo checking out the pigeons greedily scoffing food from the bin in a park near Soho; and a pink elephant outside a pub near Seven Dials.

I'm happy with the results and would like to continue playing around with combining my images with photography.

And in an uncanny display of real life imitating art, my friend Arina took this photo over the weekend after I showed her the first image in the series...

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  1. hehe! thanks for the reference, Paul :D
    maybe your drawings are coming true???