Sunday, 22 March 2009

Illustration Friday: Subtract

The following is a record of my thought process while trying to think of something to draw for this week's Illustration Friday topic:

"Subtract... take away... subtracting organs...operations...Operation!"

Obviously I didn't really have the stomach to draw an illustration of a real operation, so I opted instead to draw a pair of surgeons playing the popular children's game, Operation (other medical-based recreational games are available...).

I'd like to go back and produce a more finished piece at some point based on this idea, but for now I've done quite a rough, sketchy illustration, just to get the idea across.


  1. Oh! I loved that game when I was a kid! Good idea!

  2. I love this! When I was a kid I loved that game. When my son got about 8 I bought it for him. . .he hated the sound it made. Thus we didn't get to play. You did a great job. No mistake which game it is. I really like the sketchy feel.

  3. Great work...and too funny!

  4. What a great illustration and wonderful take on this week's IF theme! :)

  5. Wow, I feel different from your everyday comics.
    I don't know this game, but idea is really interesting!!

  6. Nice illustration, and a unique take on the topic.