Sunday, 8 February 2009

08/02/09: Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

I was busy working on my Research Paper yesterday and then went out in the evening to a party and didn't get in until 4, so I missed out on creating a comic strip yesterday. Today I've been very tired and trying (and failing) to do my Research Paper, but managed to do a strip! Some of the images in my dream relate to things that happened over the weekend, and others are just random things that cropped up in my head while I was sleeping. I'm trying to just use felt pens to colour these strips and am enjoying the challenge of trying to create different tones and colours using only a limited medium...


  1. maybe it means: if u eat magic sushi u become a superman(dog) and would fight zombies with super-weapons (balloons and magic hat) to save a girl and her pigs and later write a research paper about it all?

  2. Hehehe! You might be right! Clever Russian! :-)