Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Super Massive Blog Update part 1: Creative Project

Okay, so we had a talk this morning about blogs, which got me thinking, "I should really update my blog!", so here we are...

I've got stuff I've been doing for my MA course which I'll post in a moment, but first I thought I'd stick up my entries for Creative Project. For anyone that doesn't know, Creative Project is a Facebook Group set up by my friend Cathy Sison, where every 2 weeks, she posts a new subject with the aim being for everyone to post their own creative responses. It's good for giving my creativity an (often much needed) adrenaline boost, as well as producing some new work for my portfolio. 


For this one, I decided to draw the Ghosts of Rock: Cobain, Morrison, and Hendrix (who all died at the age of 27!). I drew the figures using a blue biro from reference images, and then scanned them and added an 10% white layer in Photoshop, before dropping in a stage background that I found online and desaturated.


I did this one quite quickly, as I was a bit stuck for time. Fairly straight-forward: what's more magical than a pulling a rabbit from your hat? How about lots of rabbits! 


I actually went back to a drawing I'd done while I was doing my BA for this one. I'd drawn a cartoon for a student magazine to illustrate an article about the glut of movie sequels being released (Men In Black 2, Spider-man 2, Scooby Doo 2, Stuart-freakin'-Little 2!!!). I took the image of Spider-man I'd drawn, and scanned it, added colour to the black & white original, then drew Doctor Octopus in the same style, and ta-da! 

...In search of a sunrise:

I wanted to do something different from all the (admittedly very beautiful) photographs of sunrises submitted by other people. I opted for a small boy, having a nightmare featuring ghosts in a forest, and searching for a sunrise so that he can wake up. I sketched out the image, scanned it, and then – in a slight change from my normal way of working – traced over the drawn lines in Photoshop using the brush tool. I did this to try and get a shakier line to my drawing, to give the drawing a slight dream-like quality. I created the ghosts in Illustrator using anchor points to create a curved appearance (...and because I'd just had an Illustrator workshop that morning). 

You are what you eat...:

I took a slightly different approach to this topic, creating a comic strip. Taking my cue from those people that look like their dogs (you know the ones!), I thought of people literally looking like their food. Poor Pizza-face!

More updates very soon...

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  1. Pizza face just makes me pine for Pizza Express.