Sunday, 30 March 2008

Illustration course part 3

Taking one of my previous drawings, I played around on the photocopier to reduce and enlarge it and see what interesting accidents I could stumble across. Then I looked at applying colour to my work.

For this piece, I reduced my original image by 75% which created a really fine line from my original pencil drawing. I then applied a monochrome colour palette to the face, placing different surfaces behind the paper to create different textures.

Next I super-sized my meal, and enlarged my original image by 200% and then enlarged that copy by 200%, which really thickened up my line work and made it look like I'd drawn the picture in charcoal. It also resulted in a really cool (albeit completely accidental) crop to my image on the page. I then used a limited palette to pick up the highlights and shadows in the face.

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