Sunday, 1 October 2017

So long Steve!

Pretty much ever since I started going there regularly since it moved to it's current location on Berwick Street in Soho, Steve Walsh has been working behind the counter at Gosh! Comics. And now he's left and moved to Ireland. It feels like the end of an era.

As well as working at the shop and having an encyclopedic knowledge for comics, Steve also played a large part in building a community around the shop, and in recent years ran the Capers superhero discussion group and, along with Oliver O'Keefe, the monthly comic book reading group Reads. When it became clear that Steve was leaving, Ollie had the idea of commissioning me to draw an illustration that we could give to Steve as a present featuring the various members of the group. I thought it would be a good idea to do it as a homage to a classic comic book cover. Ollie wanted to reference Crisis on Infinite Earths #1, but I suggested Uncanny X-men #138 instead.

Here's the finished piece:

And here's a photo of Steve after we gave it to him:

Good luck in Ireland Steve. And to quote the classic X-men cover-line: "Hope you survive the experience"!

Saturday, 19 August 2017

The Corbyn Comic Book

UK comics publisher SelfMadeHero recently ran a Call for Submissions for an anthology of comics about the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to be published later this year. I thought I'd take a crack at it and produced the following one page comic, just before the deadline, based on the recent incident where Corbyn helped a mother up the stairs at a station, and also reflecting on the way certain parts of the media seemingly twist his actions to fit their own agenda...
[Click on the image to enlarge]

I received an email to say that my entry, unfortunately, did not get selected for inclusion in the anthology, but I'm still pleased with what I produced, so at least I can share it here!

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Character Design Challenge

I've been following the "Character Design Challenge" Facebook Group for a while now. Each month there's a different theme and you have a month to come up with a character to fit the topic. This month's theme is Tarot and after reading through the list of Tarot card characters, I decided to jump in and draw my own interpretation of The Hierophant card...

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Happy Birthdays!

Birthdays are like buses: nobody wants to sit next to the ranting drunk person. Also, you wait for ages and then three come along at once! And so it was at the start of February when my brother, his girlfriend fiancée and my auntie all had their birthdays within a few days of each other. To be honest, this has been happening for years, so I shouldn't have been so surprised...

Firstly it was my brother's birthday, and I drew a picture of him doing what he does best: sitting on his butt playing on his PS4! ;)

Next was Patricia's birthday. She's a big fan of Harry Potter...

And last, but not least, my aunt was turning 50 this year(!) so I drew a picture of her sitting on a bus (she gets a lot of buses) reading a book by Terry Pratchett, one of her favourite authors...

Sunday, 29 January 2017

#Meet The Artist

There's been a meme doing the rounds online and showing up on my Facebook newsfeed called #MeetTheArtist where artists draw a picture of themselves, list their Likes and Dislikes and the contents of their bag. I don't really know the origins of this, but I thought I'd take part. So here's mine:

Chinese New Year: Year Of The Rooster

It was the start of Chinese New Year over the weekend, and with this year being the Year Of The Rooster, I did a drawing to celebrate...

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Draw The Line

Shortly after Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States of America, I joined a group on Facebook called Draw The Line, set up with the aim of making comics and illustrations that provide positive actions that anyone can take when faced with a prevailing political landscape they do not like. These will be published on a website in early 2017, and in a print volume thereafter. A book about how to take action against inequality, unfairness, poverty, hate, and discrimination, no matter where or how it arises.

After the initial housekeeping and administration was complete, a list of universal, non-partisan actions was drawn up, – ranging from small and easy actions to those that take more effort, or require a little or a lot of money – distributed among the artists taking part and a deadline established to create a time frame for the project.

My action was:
If your car is only good for scrap or your phone is due for an upgrade, there are services which will take them off your hands and donate any proceeds to the charity of your choice.

After giving it a bit of thought, I decided to produce an illustration for my action, which hopefully gets across the message in a humorous way:

I'll try to update this post with more news about the project as it happens, so watch this space!